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A few facts:

  • Pollution levels in the UK are unlikely to cause any serious health effects in most people.
  • Young children, the elderly and those who suffer from respiratory problems such as lung disease, asthma or bronchitis may be more sensitive to air pollution.
  • The Government's Air Quality Bands describe the health impact of varying levels of pollution on these sensitive individuals.
  • Health advice is available from Defra's Air Pollution Information Service.

For most people, pollution levels in the UK are unlikely to cause any serious health effect; during particularly severe pollution episodes, eye irritation or coughing may be triggered. Certain sensitive individuals who are more susceptible to respiratory pollution may feel the effects more acutely, or at lower levels. These individuals include those who suffer from heart and lung disease, including asthma and bronchitis, especially young children and the elderly.

Although people are supposed to hold themselves accountable for littering, we can help make their decision much easier if only we provided more choices for them. The government can play a big role on improving the environment if they purchased waste baskets and recycling bins to place inside and outside of every place of business, in every community, and near every highway. On numerous containers and plastic bottles are usually seen a sign at the bottom that says, “Please Recycle.” The only problem with that is there aren't enough places that have containers to recycle in. Most people do it on their own. They have to separate their trash themselves and drive it to the recycling place. That is too much work for a lot of people. So they just decide not to recycle. Once we have the facilities and provide the containers to recycle, then most probably the littering problem will improve dramatically. Just taking one step at a time to a safer and cleaner environment can cause a major difference.