Hammerfall "No Sacrifice No Victory" CD

Genre: Power Metal
Released in 2009

"No Sacrifice No Victory" is the seventh studio album by HammerFall and was released February 20, 2009. It was partly recorded in PAMA Studios in Torsås and partly at King Diamond guitarist, Andy La Rocque's Sonic Train Studios in Varberg. This is the first album featuring the band's new lead guitarist Pontus Norgren, as well as the first to have the band tuning all of their guitars in all songs to D tuning as opposed to the E-flat tuning seen on all previous albums (the first song to use D tuning was the title track for the album, Glory to the Brave, but the songs, "I Believe" (also in Glory to the Brave) and "the Fallen One" (from Legacy of Kings) use the standard E tuning, "Send Me a Sign" from Infected and "Tainted Metal" from (r)Evolution uses D-flat tuning, and "One More Time" (from Infected uses C tuning). The album was certified gold in Sweden. The song "My Sharona" was also released as a single, the second single released from this album, and only has one track which has the same name as the song.

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Album Information

Song's Title and Length
Any Means Necessary 3:37
Life Is Now 4:45
Punish and Enslave 3:59
Legion 5:38
Between Two Worldse 5:30
Hallowed Be My Name 3:58
Something for the Ages 5:06
No Sacrifice, No Victory 3:34
Bring the Hammer Down 3:43
One of a Kind 6:16
My Sharona 3:57

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