Black Sabbath "Reunion" CD

Genre: Heavy Metal
Released in 1998

"Reunion" is a live album by heavy metal band Black Sabbath. It features the original line-up of Ozzy Osbourne, Tony Iommi, Geezer Butler and Bill Ward, the first recording of the four musicians together after the firing of Osbourne in 1979. They had a couple of one-off reunions in 1985 and 1992, but never toured or recorded together. This line-up played sporadic dates until Ronnie James Dio replaced Osbourne a second time, reforming the Heaven and Hell roster to tour following the release of the compilation album Black Sabbath: The Dio Years (2007). This 2-CD live album was put together from the first two shows after the reunion, at the Birmingham NEC. Along with live versions of tracks such as "Paranoid", "N.I.B.", "Black Sabbath" and "Iron Man", it also features two new studio tracks - "Selling My Soul" and "Psycho Man". The two new tracks on Reunion were also released on a single CD in the USA. Black Sabbath received their first Grammy Award for Best Metal Performance, for the live recording of "Iron Man" from this album in 2000. They went on to win the same award 13 years later, with the song "God Is Dead?".

(Source: Wikipedia)

Album Information

Song's Title and Length
Sabbath Bloody Sabbath 4:36
Orchid/Lord Of This World7:07
Dirty Women 6:29
Black Sabbath 7:29
Iron Man 8:21
Children Of The Grave 6:30
Paranoid 4:28
Psycho Man 5:18
Selling My Soul 3:10

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