Avantasia "The Mystery Of Time" CD

Genre: Power Metal
Released in 2013

"The Mystery Of Time" is the sixth full-length album by Tobias Sammet's rock opera project Avantasia. The album was released on 26 April 2013. This is the first Avantasia release to feature the German Film Orchestra Babelsberg (the same orchestra that performed on Edguy's album Hellfire Club). The cover artwork was painted by Rodney Matthews. The Mystery Of Time scored high positions in several international music charts and even enabled Avantasia to enter the US Billboard charts for the very first time. When asked to compare the album to Avantasia's previous efforts, guitarist and producer Sascha Paeth described it as follows: " It is a more 'fantastic' production, based a little bit more on orchestra work and keyboards. It's more like a film score, to underline the whole story, the rock opera aspect, which was a choice on this one and I think it works out fine. Also, this gives the album a face of its own".

(Source: Wikipedia)

Album Information

Song's Title and Length
Spectres 6:09
The Watchmakers' Dream 4:14
Black Orchid 6:52
Where Clock Hands Freeze 4:35
Sleepwalking 3:52
Savior in the Clockwork 10:40
Invoke the Machine 5:30
What's Left Of Me 5:07
Dweller in a Dream 4:45
The Great Mystery 10:03

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